About Us

Our Vision

Today is a new day for rail. New rail equipment manufacturing will create more jobs for Ohioans. Fast, frequent, modern trains will link cities, spurring new development. Toledo will be a major passenger hub, and rail upgrades will add freight train capacity as well. And fuel-efficient rail will benefit air quality and ease highway congestion.

NOPRA’s Mission

  • Educate the public on the availability and advantages of passenger rail
  • Work to upgrade the quality and frequency of passenger rail through northern Ohio
  • Ensure inclusion of northwest Ohio in regional and national passenger rail systems
  • Encourage rail manufacturing to locate in northwest Ohio

NOPRA is the primary 501(c)(3) advocacy group for passenger rail consisting of a strong consortium of public and private sector leaders in Northwest Ohio. We advocate to improve train frequency, schedule reliability, and public awareness of the benefits of public transit using passenger rail through Toledo along the Northwest Ohio rail corridor.